Interview with Joe Lozito

Episode 8 my talk with Joe Lozito. We discuss growing up an Islanders fan, and the great Islanders Gillies, Nystrom, Vukota, the Bomber, and the rise of Eric Cairns, and the old school grit of Asham and Witt.

Also we get into Joe’s work as an author contributing to Stan Fishler’s Bad Boys book series as well as Hockey Stars magazine annual “Tuff Guys” issues which were always a hit around my household. Joe also had the opportunity to work on Fleer hockey cards 2002 Throwback set right down to picking players included in the set and picking the pictures used. We wrap the interview with Joe’s unreal story of a Saturday morning subway ride that turned into the fight for his life vs a serial killer  ….so please sit back and listen to the story of an old school hockey fight fan and a real life hero Joe Lozito.